The aim of Muintir Na Leanaí is to support children’s journey during the early years, by working with parents through our Optimising Parenting Course, consisting of six, two hour evening sessions over six week, with practical information on developmental psychology and what to expect at the different stages; importance of including the needs of all the family; avoiding problems with practical tips to create and maintain harmonious structure at home; relaxation techniques for all; preparing an activity enriched environment and assessing and choosing quality childcare options. There is also available, private home visits for parents who prefer one to one consultation.  

Children around the globeFor the childcare practitioner, Muintir Na Leanaí offers regular in-service training for all types of Montessori providers and practitioners nationwide. Presenting and upskilling in Montessori Philosophy, Material and Prepared Environment by qualified experienced trainers.  In-facility consultation on the Prepared Environment, Montessori Materials and areas of development within the Montessori Room.  Also available are Introductory Montessori Evenings in-facility for Parent, on the Life, Work and lifelong benefits of the Maria Montessori philosophy and approach. 

By working with the community of people closest to children during this most formative period 0 – 3 and 3 - 6,  who all share in this early delicate care and education process.   Muintir Na Leanaí aims to support and promote an awareness of the importance of collaboration in this child bonded partnership, enabling children, through a consistent approach, to feel secure and loved as they explore and forge through the dense forest of adventure, we call the modern world.

Catherine O'ConnorCatherine O’Connor established Muintir Na Leanaí after considerable experience over the past 25 years as an owner/provider of Montessori Childcare, a lecturer of adults in the ECCE sector and National Coordinator /Programme Manager delivering expert in-service training, advising and mentoring to Montessori Practitioners under the EOCP Montessori Project throughout the 26 counties.

During these many years of experience she has identified areas of support for both providers of Early Childhood Care and Montessori Educational services and the Parents using them.  Over the years she has worked with experienced and expert childcare practitioners and lecturers in bringing the most important childcare developmental elements together to foster a continuity of provision for ease of care and education for the young child.

She has supported parents as a private Childcare Consultant for the Early Years, advising them in avoiding issues before they cause problems, helping to identify realistic expectations and difficulties that need further investigation.  Supporting the whole family dynamic in the development of routines and structures, giving freedom and peace of mind while positively challenging the development of the child’s potential.

She has identified the need to recognise collaboration within the sector as hugely important for consistency of delivery and stability for children, particularly those attending regular childcare services, of supporting both parents and providers in their mutual bonding with the children in their care.

We all face challenges in creating and maintaining a safe, secure, loving and stimulating environment.  Providing opportunities for unlocking the child's innate talents ensuring positive future prospects for all our children.  By nurturing a positive attitude and developing an awareness of the interconnectedness of all life on earth, we acknowledge the importance of sowing the seeds of curiosity, resilience and responsibility toward this holistic view from the earliest most formative years of the child.