10th May, 2017

What is Ireland coming too, now the government want Garda Vetting for Grandparents and Relations minding children, bad enough that they are threatening grandparents with the over 40 years gap between you and the child in your care; when children could be taken away from Grandparents and placed in foster care (as the state pleases).  So what about parents who start a family at 40?

We in Ireland seem to be on a fast track to institutionalising all our children and setting our women out to tax paying work, making the government richer and keeping the less well off (who... Read more

19th Aug, 2016

I read an article recently entitled ‘Attachment parenting: the best way to raise a child – or maternal masochism?’ - (Hadley Freeman, the Guardian 30/8/16). This article has a  critical focus on attachment parenting, (attachment theory relates in short, to how a baby will attach to an adult carer – usually the mother/parents/grandparents- for security, food, care and love) and describing it as the new fashionable approach in the West towards baby rearing. It was very interesting, describing how mothers and baby’s spend a lot of time together, with the mothers breastfeeding... Read more

11th Apr, 2016

It was one of those days, a stressful meeting, running late, missed my coffee. I needed the fix, I told myself and anyway I liked the excuse to relax in a café. 

The nicely polished and smiley barista lady said “I will bring it over”, as I hovered next to the counter area, half expecting, hoping for some sort of conversation.  Another customer in the seating area looked up and I smiled hopefully expecting a word about the weather or something, any kind of human interaction, but after a quick glance from her paper to see who I wasn’t, she returned her bored attention to the tabloid. ... Read more

6th Dec, 2015

Today we hear a lot of talk about being supportive by making…  ‘connections in children’s learning throughout the early childhood years and as they move from one setting to another’ (Aistear- Early Childhood Curriculum Framework). This statement is very welcome indeed, anything that will help our little ones cope with the variety of moves necessary during their young life! Whether we are teachers, parents, or children we all know the dreaded feeling of uncertainty when making any transition; whether it be from home to crèche or minder, preschool, primary or secondary school, college or... Read more

21st Oct, 2014

Part of my parenting role was of the old school, and I remember when most women stayed home to rear their family (and maybe a neighbours as well), envied the ones who went to work and fawned over the style our husbands couldn’t afford. Don’t get me wrong, those were the good old days when, having children was a JOB, what you DID, and though hard work, it was rewarding and sociable.   

After my forth child an acquaintance asked, “What do you do?” and although I did work part time, I answered with continuing confidence that I had four children, and was astonished by... Read more