Garda Vetting Grandparents/Relations

What is Ireland coming too, now the government want Garda Vetting for Grandparents and Relations minding children, bad enough that they are threatening grandparents with the over 40 years gap between you and the child in your care; when children could be taken away from Grandparents and placed in foster care (as the state pleases).  So what about parents who start a family at 40?

We in Ireland seem to be on a fast track to institutionalising all our children and setting our women out to tax paying work, making the government richer and keeping the less well off (who have to pay the same for childcare) in state bondage.  Now the government is offering €1000 (subsidy) to anyone giving details of minders, Grandparents, Sisters etc. in order to access these undocumented supporters of family childcare.

In my opinion, all of this is a cheap approach to uncover the financial support that (working parents) are getting from Grandparents and Relations, whom the government want to tax, or haul the children off to the hundreds of purpose built crèches they financed during the boom and need to pay back to the EU. 

Will they be looking for parents to have Garda vetting to have children next?? 

I am all on for the choice of women to go out to work, but let them choose where they leave their children.  All psychological studies agree that family and relations are the best carers for young children. 

Whatever happened to the Irish constitutional notion of protecting the family unit?

In the meantime, have we learned nothing from the state supported institutions of the past (and some still in operation), who left such a vast legacy of child neglect and abuse still scarring our unsupported surviving victims and their families and will continue to do so for generations to come? 

Who are these people that decide such things on our behalf???