Optimising Parenting Course

6 weeks Optimising Parenting Course

Parents and child walkingThis course will be of 2 hour duration usually from 7pm to 9pm on a Wednesday evening. The topics will cover an enquiry into childhood developmental areas with practical examples of how to implement useful strategies in relating to routines, attachment and bonding, developing an activity enriched child centred environment, identifying quality childcare, collaboration with childcare practitioners, behaviour management and play, as well as a basic introduction to relaxation techniques for parents and children, while exploring real situations from the needs of each group with support and feedback on practical experimentation with these concepts and structures at home.

Course content:

  • Our Expectations – our children expectations
  • Overview of Child Development – Domain areas - Aistear Themes
  • Nature Nurture debate – what is already there, how to develop potential.
  • Structure and Routine – Behaviour management, what is important.
  • Bonding and Attachment – Parents – Siblings – Grandparents - Working relationships with childcare professionals
  • Importance of and identifying quality childcare and educational approaches
  • Play is work – activity rich environment, fantastic not plastic
  • Preparing myself for my child - which part of me is available to my child ‘now’.

Parents are invited to attend Optimising Parenting Courses which consists of 2 hour evening sessions over 6 weeks, with a short introduction to child development psychological theory, group discussions, sharing real experiences and challenges, brain storming ideas and the opportunity to experiment and put knowledge into immediate practice. During these sessions a range of relevant topics relating to the 0-3 and 3–6 year old will be explored and strategies developed relating to the lives of children and families of participants.

Today there are many books, articles and information on social media regarding Developmental Psychology and Childcare in general, giving advice on what is the best approach to a numerous range of issues. However for busy working or stay at home parents who do not have time to filter through this vast array of information, identify the most important areas and interpreting them, this course could suit you.

The aim of our Optimising Parenting Course is to summarise, identify and explore through discussion and best practice, the most important developmental milestones in Physical, Emotional, Social, Language and Intellectual/Cognitive domains. Parents have knowledge of these areas already, so this course will expand this and give confidence and opportunity to practically apply structures adding to what is already in place and avoid areas of potential disruption.

The Optimising Parenting Course will look briefly at Síolta and Aistear, the National Childcare Curriculum, being practiced in all childcare setting and primary schools up to age 6, while also equipping parents with the necessary knowledge to identify quality childcare educational approaches and facilities.

This course will look closely at the topics listed above, with a focus on practical application at home, along with input of needs from parents. Will give tips on activities and play materials, creating an appropriate activity enriched environment without adding expensive furniture or equipment. Providing information about structures and routines, behaviour management and suggestions for activities during the holidays. General guidlines on age related games and literature and what it is that makes a toy or book beneficial for children.