Happy parents with a childMuintir Na Leanaí recognises and respects parents as principals in the fundamental discoveries of childhood, with particular emphasis on the early most formative years, as they create, nurture, engage and provide for their family while linking with the wider community. 

Parents prepare themselves and their family, by protecting the simple but precious things shared together, enjoying the all too fleeting early childhood years, while laying down a solid foundation for our collective future. ‘If I only knew then what I know now’ – need not form a part of our latter years.


"Can I encourage and develop the unique potential within my child?"A child exploring art

"Can I hear the philosopher in their questioning and observations?"

"Can I see the scientist in my child’s construction?"

In order to answer these questions, we may need some background information and support.  We can proceed into this territory by trusting to instincts and observing the wellbeing and happiness of ourselves, our children and our family.  However for many of us this is not something we have a lot of information on or practice at.  We have our family background and the knowledge of the environment we grew up in, but times have dramatically changed and the types of support structures in parenting are, for most of us very different from our own childhood.  Also we may be effected by outside influences and question our own approach, especially when delicate routines or patterns change, as they inevitably must.  As with everything else in life, there is always something more we can learn and this is where knowledge and experience can help by optimising your parenting skills through practical and immediately applicable information, advice and support.