Private Consultation



The aim of Muintir Na Leanaí is to assist parents, whether staying at home with children or returning to work, by exploring realistic options, what is available and how best to work within these parameters for the whole family.

  • How to assess quality childcare services in the area of my choice? 
  • Finding what suits all my family's needs and the educational approach which will best suit my child? 
  • How to deal with toilet training, sleep patterns. 
  • The arrival of a new baby, behaviour management, routines and structure
  • Dealing with different opinions on parenting approaches
  • How to deal with eating problems, food fads, imaginary friends
  • What if English is not our first language, will our child cope in childcare? 

A little girl walking on a meadowThese and other areas related to your children’s development can cause unnecessary anxiety, when in fact with some basic knowledge, advice and support they are simply a part of the new adventure into happy and relaxed parenting.

Muintir Na Leanaí offers consultation at home in an easy-going and informative way.  By examining the family situation with a more objective and professional eye, parents can gain a greater knowledge and understanding of their own situation and how to arrange structures to get the best for your child without compromising important factors in early childhood developmental needs or those of your family.  Muintir Na Leanaí aims to be supportive by giving a balanced and well informed perspective and understanding, reflecting today’s fast moving society, enabling parents (without stress) to choose for themselves, create and maintain the best possible environment to suit all the family’s needs.  Just as they say Good fences make good neighbours,  so too Sensitive structures and clear boundaries make happy families.

Here is what parents say about our services:

Catherine's support and advice both during prenatal and when my baby was born was invaluable. I found her advice and guidance around areas such as breastfeeding routine building and developmental milestones really helpful. I found Catherine was a fountain of knowledge in all areas and delivered her advice in a gentle and sensitive manner. 

Aisling, Cabra, Dublin

The reality of parenting can be far from the scenarios presented in most books and media outlets -this includes my in-laws!- As a new parent, I faced many dilemmas from breastfeeding to sleep training, potty training and returning to work... and this is only year 1. What I found in Catherine’s advice was frank, simple straightforward talking. Independent, so that both, my husband and I, could openly and comfortably assess the various options and work out the right approach for us and our family.

Andreina, Monkstown, Dublin

I was a total alien to the world of parenting when I became one. Suddenly I needed to be parented myself! Catherine's approach encouraged a healthy dialogue. In a professional and compassionate manner I got the information, help, advice and even counsel needed. No topic or question was ignored or deflected. It helped me to find what was right for me, my child, my family.

Simon, Dublin 2